Big Thicket National Preserve
Menard Creek Unit - "Birdwatcher's Trail"

Trail Notes

Signage on FM 2610

Signage on FM 2610

The trailhead has picnic tables and trash receptacles

A half-mile trail leads to the confluence of Menard Creek and the Trinity River. There are huge sandbars on the west side of the Trinity facing high bluffs on the East side of the river.

This is a unique place on the planet and offers a great bird watching experience. This is one of the great vistas in the area.

The trail is fairly rough and has elevation changes. It is NOT handicapped accessible. Bring drinking water and mosquito repellant. The mosquito repellant is a MUST!

Sam says, "I eat mosquitoes, but they eat you, so bring the repellant."

Confluence of Menard Creek and the Trinity River

Confluence of Menard Creek and the Trinity River


From Polk County Courthouse (Intersection of Hwy 59 Business and Highway 190)

  1. Go East .1 mile on Hwy 190 to Hwy 146

  2. Turn right (South)

  3. Drive 13.1 miles to FM 2610

  4. Turn right (West)

  5. Drive 5.2 miles

  6. Turn right at the Big Thicket Preserve sign

  7. Follow road signs to trail head

Trail Head