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Pen and Ink Class at Sew Fancy

Posted Date: 07/20/2022

Pen and Ink Class at Sew Fancy

Pen and Ink Art Class at Sew Fancy

     Sew Fancy is the longest running antique mall and craft store in town. This shop is just outside of the city towards the lake. They are hosting an Pen and Ink Class for some summer time entertainment. This is one of the locals favorite extra events that Sew Fancy has going on regularly. Be sure to come out and have a good time on Tuesday, August 2nd, at 12:30pm. They will be having someone coach the making of a “Zentagle Seashell”. teacher and student during art class at sew fancy
     There is a class limit so be sure to contact Sew Fancy as soon as possible to reserve spots. The class will be only $15 per person. The shopping and fun start when they open at 10am when they open, but the class doesn’t start until 12:30pm. Sew Fancy has a variety of items to buy, including tons of fabric and crafting items. 
     Sew Fancy is hosting this event indoors, so don't worry about the weather ruining the day. This class is always a favorite of those looking for a hands-on adventure in a calm and crafty way. This is an adult class and casual professional environment.
     Livingston Specialty Merchant’s Guild invites one and all to #livlocal at this event hosted by long time Guild member, Sew Fancy. Feel free to hit the town to shop, dine, stay, or play before or after enjoying Pen and Ink class. 


sew fancy store front    student painting during art class at sew fancy   picture of paint supplies at sew fancy for art class


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phone 936-967-3950

address 4003 U.S. Highway 190W Livingston, TX 77351


picture of zentangle seashell ink art