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A Scavenger Hunt

Posted Date: 11/03/2023

City of Livingston’s Special Events Presents:

A Scavenger Hunt


     It’s the time of year for fun, family and friends. Get a group together or enjoy some self-care alone time and join the “hunt” across Livingston for “Rufus The Elf”. Rufus is an adorable elf made of lights that travels across Livingston. There will be clues announced in this article to help find Rufus at all his favorite places. This event starts November 21st and goes until December 10th. This article will be updated throughout the event with the clues needed to find Rufus in his hiding places around Livingston

rufus the elf


     Rufus will be all over Livingston for two weeks. He will remain in the same spot for only two days at a time though. Make sure to check on the Livingston Special Events & Trade Days Facebook page or right here at for clues to where Rufus will be. Catch him while he is at each spot and get a chance to earn some Christmas money. Prizes range from $50 to $200 based on how many times Rufus the Elf is correctly found around town and listed on the form.


     A Scavenger Hunt looking for Rufus The Elf is just one of the many holiday events that are happening in Livingston. There will be time with Santa at Miss Effie’s Cottage, a Christmas Parade, the annual Christmas Toy Train Village, and more. 


     The Livingston Specialty Merchants’ Guild and Livingston Main Street invite one and all to enjoy themselves around town for this event and all the other fun events throughout the holiday season



Rufus Clue #1 – November 21st and 22nd – “ I need a ‘clean cut’ and a new ‘do’ 

Rufus Clue #2 – November 23rd and 24th – “ I’m always putting out fires around the holidays 

(**Rufus is not lit up at the November 23rd and 24th location, so you may have to look a little harder**)

Rufus Clue #3 – November 25th and 26th – “ Rufus says ‘First you should get your finances in order’ 

(**Rufus is not lit up at the November 25th and 26th location, so you may have to look a little harder**)

Rufus Clue #4 – November 27th and 28th – “ Rufus likes to have nice furniture in his home 

Rufus Clue #5 – November 29th and 30th  – “ Hanging out with my jungle friends 

Rufus Clue #6 – December 1st and 2nd – “ Rufus is getting fancy with starched jeans on 

Rufus Clue #7 – December 3rd and 4th – This mystery location is located within the city limits.

Rufus Clue #8 – December 5th and 6th – “ I’m where you go to get information about Polk County ”

Rufus Clue #9 – December 7th and 8th – “ Hanging out with the ladies at the Livingston Holiday Fun Headquarters ”

Rufus Clue #10 – December 9th and 10th– “ Rest assured it’s fun hanging out at Hometown Christmas ”


Turn in clue sheet to Main Street Office by Tuesday, December 12th.

Drawing for winners on Wednesday, December 13th.


(Must be 18 years or older to win)


-find 10 places to be put into a drawing for $200.

-find 6-9 places to be put into a drawing for $100.

-find at least 5 places to be put into a drawing for $50.


How to participate:

1. Print off form or stop by the Main Street / Trade Days office in Pedigo Park to pick one up.

2. Answer the clues to find Rufus The Elf and write down where he was on the form.

3. Turn form into the Main Street / Trade Days office in Pedigo Park by Tuesday, December 12th.

4. Drawings will take place on Wednesday, December 13th.



city hall at christmas  water tower at christmas  tunnel of lights at pedigo park at christmas


rufus the elf form and rules

rufus the elf form and rules