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Movie Night in The Vines

Posted Date: 10/20/2022

Movie Night in The Vines

Movie Night in The Vines


     Tempe Creek Vineyard and Farm is a local wine vineyard on the edge of town. It gives you the beautiful views of the country without having to travel from the hustle and bustle of town. The vineyard is set on a farm with a landscape that can make anyone smile. They are hosting  “Movie Night in The Vines” for some weekend fun, so be sure to come out and have a good time on Saturday, October 29th at 7pm. They will be playing “Hocus Pocus”. Bring a blanket, grab a glass of wine and kick back at Tempe with a movie and a view. movie night in the vines at tempe creek vineyard

     There will be a show, food, and fun. The wine, fun, and food begins at 12pm but the movie doesn’t start until 7pm. The event is free, so come on out to sip some wine and have a good time. They’ve got every shade of wine and even special flavors getting ready to premiere regularly. This movie is a 1993 fantasy film that is rated PG. 

    Feel free to bring specific drinks or snacks for the kids, but they will have some appetizers, water, and some homemade candy available for purchase. Absolutely no outside alcohol is allowed at Tempe Creek Vineyard though. They have a variety of animals on the premises. Some, like the birds and dogs, may come closer than others. The longhorns, cows, and donkeys are behind a fence. That will not keep them from asking for treats though. Use the provided animal food only while enjoying this fun addition to the day. 

     Tempe Creek is hosting this event outdoors like one big picnic party. There will be a screen displaying the movie largely against the background of the vines. This family event is always a favorite of locals. 

     Livingston Specialty Merchant’s Guild invites one and all to #livlocal at this fun night hosted by Guild member, Tempe Creek Vineyard and Farm. Feel free to hit the town for a meal or adventure before enjoying “Movie Night in the Vines”. 



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