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Ruby Cattle Company

ruby cattle company

Ruby Cattle Company

     Ruby Cattle Company is a locally owned farm that specializes in raising the best possible Grass Fed Angus Beef cows. This farm produces a variety of cuts of Grass Fed and Grass Finished Angus Beef unlike any other. They sell out quickly when they attend any event, so make sure to keep an eye out for their cooler truck. Ruby Cattle Company meats are also available for online orders with delivery options. If there is no time to request delivery, then most locals regularly buy out the stock of cuts that are available throughout the week at Yellow Cottage Farm and Market. People even spontaneously buy tons to take home after they taste their first Ruby Cattle patty that the Yellow Cottage uses for their famous burgers. 


Wed-Sun 10am-5pm on location at Yellow Cottage Farm & Market (Saturday Farmers Market 10am-2pm)

phone 1-877-322-2835 (Mon-Fri  8am-5pm)

address  7964 State Highway 146S Livingston, TX, 77351

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